Wednesday, September 19, 2007

emerica footwear

Hi I’m fernand ferrer my blog is all about emerica footwear.Emerica is a skateboarding shoe brand based in LakeForest, California, USA and owned by Sole Technology.
The origins of Emerica date back to 1995 and etnies Footwear. French shoe company Rautureau Apple, who started etnies in 1986, was bought out by a European shoe conglomerate, which was, in turn, acquired by an American company. Pierre-AndrĂ© Senizergues, who had been designing and distributing etnies in the U.S. since 1990 under the name etnies America, lost the licensing rights to the etnies name after the acquisition. He then started a new brand called Emerica, which simply shortened the name etnies America. All etnies shoes sold in Fall 1995 were shipped as Emerica shoes in Spring 1996. That same year, Pierre-AndrĂ© bought the rights to the etnies name outright and continued producing both brands. Emerica focused on core skateboarding, while etnies pursued a broader market with surf, women's, BMX and moto-x footwear in addition to its skate shoe. Current riders are andrew reynolds,heath kirchart,ed templeton,kevin long,bryan herman,leo romero,jerry hsu,austin stephens,braydon szafranski,aaron suski,chris senn,brandon westgate,marquis preston.Previous riders are donny barley,chad bartie,dan drehobl,erik ellington,jim Greco, marc johnson,adrian lopez,phil shao,jamie thomas,tosh townend,tim o’ connor,mike maldonando,gershon mosley,darren navarette,matt allen.